Photos From Past Sessions
With comments from participants

Friends notice amazing improvement in my tone (and my confidence) after attending in 2013.

"Great fun, both what we did relating to flute playing, and what we enjoyed in Asheville."

"An "11" on a scale of 1 to 10!"

"Thank you for your super organization and attention to detail."

"I had a significant improvement as a result of the lesson I had with you."

"...really helped my confidence..."

"The lessons were awesome!"

"...keep the joy. That's what's special about all this."

"Wonderful B&Bs - breakfasts were always full and happy moments."

"This experience was outstanding."


"My group could not have been more compatible."

" more out of this than any traditional masterclass approach."

"I meet the most wonderful people who have kind spirits!"

"I think I am a different person after this week. It's really remarkable for someone my age to feel this way. Thank you for your great effort."


Asheville Flute Vacation is hereafter dedicated to the memory of my father, Chuck Kibler (1933-2013), who played trumpet as an avocation until two weeks before his death at not quite eighty years old.
Truly music for life!